Sanborn Outdoor Services strives to create a better outdoor living experience for you and your family without the hassle of unwanted pests.  If an outdoor pest is not listed below, please contact us to see if we can help! As our business grows, so will our ability to serve all of your needs.

Mosquito Control

There is so much to do in the Cape during the warm months, but getting eaten alive by mosquitos shouldn’t be one of them. Not only are mosquitos a nuisance, they can carry dangerous insect-borne illnesses like Zika, West Nile and Earner Equine Encephalitis.

If the mosquitoes, gnats or other flying insects have you avoiding spending time outdoors, contact Sanborn Outdoor Services for effective solutions that can make your yard as pest-free as possible.


Tick Control

I bet you didn’t know that ticks are a year-round pest? Yes, they are known to be around in the warmer months but they can live and be active in the cold as well. If the temperature falls below 10 degrees Fahrenheit and stays there for several days, about 1/5 of the tick population in the area will likely die off, even if buried deep in the soil layer. That still leaves a good amount that survive. As you may have noticed, we have had some warm winters these past few years. That means ticks have had a chance to multiply drastically!

Ticks are known to carry disease no matter what species of tick you have around your property. Wood tick, Deer tick, Lone Star tick and other species located in the North East are known to carry Powassan Virus Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesiosis, Lyme Disease, the list goes on. By treating your property, you can help protect your family and guests from a possible tick bite. Sanborn Outdoor Services offers time trusted organic and conventional treatments that will greatly reduce the risk of a tick bite that we apply around the property.

We understand your concerns about the safety of your children and guests so our treatments are child and pet friendly. We are also concerned about our natural pollinators so we offer treatments that are safe for bees as well.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are destructive little pests that no family should have invade their home. They hone (dig or chew) into your wood to create a place to live. Making your home into their home by destroying your home. That doesn’t seem fair to us either.

Sanborn Outdoor Services offer treatments that we apply around your property that will attack the pest at the source of the colony! Within a couple weeks, you can see a difference with your Carpenter Ant infestation. This treatment also helps control other pests that enter your home such as Silverfish, Centipedes, Millipedes, Cockroaches, Beetles and other various insects.


Wasps, Carpenter Bees, Yellow Jackets

We all have a concern about being stung. To some people, a sting can be an allergy concern that unless treated, can lead to hospitalization or even death.

At Sanborn Outdoor Services, we care about the wellbeing of you, your family and friends. We offer services that get rid of a stinging pest and their nest. If it is a bee colony, we will do everything within our power to preserve the colony and remove it from your property safely. We love and respect our natural pollinators but we also understand that people and nature should sometimes be separated.


Home Inspections

Sanborn Outdoor Services offers home exclusions to try and keep unwanted visitors out of your home. We will inspect your home and try to correct any possible entry points that a pest could get in to. Please understand that we are not a carpentry service or a home builder.



What Makes Sanborn Outdoor Different?

WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR A CONTRACT! Some companies will offer their first treatment for a very low price. What they don’t tell you is they expect you to sign a contract for the season whether you want the whole season or not. With that comes a significant bump in price.

We will never ask you to commit to more than what you feel you need. The price we quote will always stay the same.

We also pride ourselves with the work we do so we are happy to work with you until your needs are satisfied. If we cannot provide satisfaction to you, we will be happy to help you find someone who can. The customer is our main concern and we hope to retain a reputation that will reflect that. We appreciate your business and hope to provide our best service possible to you in the future.

Due to the nature of certain pests, we cannot offer guarantees on all services.